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If you came here because you are looking for answers you came to the right place! Here at Galactic Tarot i use advanced mystical tarot techniques and ancient numerology to get you moving in the right direction

If you feel like you are stuck in a rut or like you keep repeating the same scenarios you are correct. So let me peer beyond the veil and teach you what you need to know to get in to the universes natural flow and aceiive your highest vibration.

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welcome to Galactic Tarot!

Greetings Light Workers! I am a Galactic Ambassador broadcasting from Sedona Arizona to aid and assist your ascension.

I wish to aid you with undestanding some of the things that you need to process and be aware of in this reality.  I will help you rediscover some of the things that have been hidden from you in a very direct and dynamic way. I am here to aid in any manner I can to benefit you and humanity. Consider this my angelic work that I wish to practice and fulfill as a galactic being in the flesh. My name is Alexander Mazzone and I am at your service.

Book your reading now and I will share my gift with you and facilitate positive changes for you and your loved ones!